• Equipment at the CPBL:

Analytical platform (sugars, phenols, organic acids, proteins)

HPLC-UV-RI Ultimate3000-Bio compatible
HPAEC-DAD ICS6000 Dionex
FPLC Akta start protein purifier
UV-Vis spectrophotometer Lambda25
UV-Vis plate reader spectrophotometer ThermoSkan

Microbial fermentation

Bioreactor Applikon 2L scalable to 15L
Photobioreactor 2 x 2L light control
Fermenter 2L full control DO2, pH, temperature, air
Shaking incubator Infors Unitron 300L

Molecular Biology

RT-PCR MyIQ-Biorad + miniPCR
Electroporator ECM630-BTX
Static air PCR cabinet-UV
Fluorescence reader Qubit 3
Western blot BioRad platform: hybridization oven, trans-turbo, densitometer, chemidoc
Automated nucleic acid extractorPromega Maxwell RSC AS4500
Thermocycler, Blue Ray Biotech Turbocycler Lite
qPCR machine, Isogen Pikoreal
Four electrophoresis tanks, MupidONE

Mycological Lab

400L growth chamber light-temperature ctrl
Shaking incubator Infors Unitron 300L
Cooled static incubator 150L
Three incubator ovens (Memmeret, Haerus)
Biological safe cabinet airHepa-UV
Centrifuge Sigma 15ml tubes swing rotor, cooled

Photosynthesis and ethylene

CO2 detector, LCPRO-SD
CO2 measurement accessories, LCSD-010/N Narrow Chamber Head, LCSD-010/A Small Leaf Chamber
Fluorometer, Hansatech Plant Efficiency Analyzer
Ethylene detector, Sensor Sense EDT-300
Accessories for ethylene detector, cuvettes, glass

Plant culture

Two cabinets for plant culture, Panasonic MLR-352-PE
One walking chamber for in vitro culture


SDS Page 2xBio-Rad mini-protean, 1xMaxwell, 1xBioRad 2Dgels

Root phenotyping in soil

CI600 camera in situ Root Scanning System, with 24 plexiglass tubes


Autoclave Synthec V-150
Biological hoods Kojair
Two Centrifuges Eppendorf 5810r 1-250ml, Thermo SL8-plate carrier
Labor Technik extraction station temp-ctrl and gas sparging
Two ThermoMixers eppendorf confort cooled
Sonicator bath
Two analytical scales
Two microscales
Three vacuum pumps
Two Ultraturrax homogenizers
Waring blender
Three pH meters
Head-tale rotisser
Up-down tray 
Three fridges
Two freezers
Static incubator
Optical microscope Kern Optics OZL445, Microscoje Optika B-350 and Optikam B2
Two spectrophotometers
Medline MD-1105 and MD-2000UV/Vis
Two -80°C freezers
Innova C585 and Eppendorf CryoCube
JeioTech BC-11B vertical laminar flow cabinet 144cm
Table centrifuge
RSM_14HP Phoenisc stir
Autoclave Certo Clav EL
Heating block - LCD Digital Thermo Mix
Heating block QBD4 Grant

Equipment belonging to the Faculty of Sciences

Chamber for plant culture, FITOclima 10000EH
Chamber for in vivo culture

Updated on July 13, 2021